“To get the right message to the right person at the right time you first need to get the right data to the right database at the right time” ~ John Caldwell.

“You’ve just been unsubscribed from!!”, is this a statement that is coming up on your email marketing platform a bit too often? For any email marketer and promoter getting an update of back to back unsubscribers from their marketing list is literally like a slap of discouragement and failure.

It goes without saying that any organization or company that spends its time on creating content for each of their email marketing strategies, it is disheartening when people who subscribed to your mailing list, slowly start unsubscribing from it.

There is no surprise that the world of marketing and advertising is growing more and more competitive and harsh. But, does that literally mean that the slightest knock of failure means all hell is breaking loose?

A common misconception between email marketers is that if you are getting too many people to unsubscribe from your list then it means there is something going wrong. Most people feel that the number of unsubscribers equals the rate of downfall and failure at the same time.

email List for Email Marketing

But, before you jump to conclusions that are unreal and biased, this is something you might want to keep in mind. Yes, it is true that every unsubscribe you get means that your list of prospective customers is going down, but did you know that the same people who unsubscribe from your list are actually helping you out in so many ways?

Those of you who have studied Chemistry might have conducted the litmus test experiment in the Chemistry lab. In a way, you can think of the rate of your unsubscribers as a true litmus test that can, in fact, help you redefine your email marketing strategy. Just like in the world of media and publicity, negative publicity sells like hotcakes, your growing unsubscribers list can actually be a blessing in disguise for you.

Benefits of Being Added in Unsubscribers List of Email

Without getting too disheartened let us understand how unsubscribing is indeed a plus point if looked at the right way.

Unsubscribed but not forgotten

First thing first, you have to understand that just because someone chooses to unsubscribe from your mailing list doesn’t mean that the entire customer relationship has come to an end. The reason why your loyal customers choose to be a part of your subscriber’s list is that they see some extra value in being part of that list.

As needs and requirements change, people may decide to opt-out of getting emails from your end, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to stop buying from you. The first thing to keep in mind is that just because they opt-out from your emails doesn’t mean that they are done with your products/services.

Time to go through the SWOT plan

We know we said that the growing numbers of unsubscribers don’t necessarily mean raising red flags, however, this does not mean you shouldn’t analyze and investigate your current strategy to try and find out why. Maybe there is a hidden bigger issue which is resulting in the constant dip in the number of unsubscribers, and if there is then it is time you find out what.

At this point in time, it is important to remember exactly why you started email marketing and what the purpose and aim that you had in mind. Probably down the line the reason and aim got lost and that is why more people are finding ways to opt-out of your mailing list.

Unsubscribers are a way of Law

Are you aware of the fact that when you decide to start your email marketing strategy as per laws you need to make sure that you include an unsubscribe button at the bottom of all your emails? This is made compulsory by law because this gives the option to the customer to simply opt-out when they feel they no longer need the email alerts. If that option is not provided they will mark you as spam and this will trigger bigger side effects.

Unsubscribers help save money in the long run

It is a given fact that email marketing doesn’t cost a lot of money and most of the email marketing plans are rated based on the number of subscribers to whom the email is going out to. So, why spend money, whatever bit it is, on people who feel that your email is not needed? Every email that you don’t send can actually end up saving you money which you can then reinvest in something else.

Just ask and find out

One of the easiest ways to find out why customers are opting for unsubscription of your emails is simply to ask. Have a valid discussion with them and ask them where they are going wrong. Trust us, this will help you gather a lot of relevant information that can help you improve your email marketing strategy and at the same time, it will make your customers feel valued and heard of.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day as marketers of various products and services, you need to constantly strive to improve your content and what you give to your customers with each email that you send out. After all, you need to understand that they don’t need you but you need them. Every time there is a person who unsubscribes from your list, make sure you don’t take it as a defeat and actually put in your time and effort to understand where you are going wrong and how you can improve.

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