What Skills Does a Web Developer Need in Today’s Market?

Web development is a career that’s always in a state of growth. Every up-and-coming business needs a new page, and every business that wants to grow needs to adjust its current model. After studying web design in school, you can find a job almost anywhere. For a developer to succeed over the long term, he or she needs to have certain skills. Below are just a few web developers should have in their repertoire.

A Basic Understanding of the Web

It should go without saying that web developers need to understand how the internet works. This means having a solid working knowledge of various languages and frameworks, as well as the ability to keep up with changes in the field. There are some core concepts that absolutely need to be memorized, but the bulk of a designer’s career will be spent figuring out how to leverage up-and-coming technologies into something better. Once one understands the basics of the web, designing a good page becomes much easier.

A Mind for Business

The easiest part of web development is learning how to make a web page. The hardest part is learning how to make money doing so. Great web developers need to have a great head for business, from figuring out how to set up their business to minimize liability to figuring out how to best market themselves. In addition to degrees relating to computer science, it’s a good idea for web developers to consider a degree in business management.

The Ability to Handle Clients

Communication is an underrated skill in the tech field. While technical knowledge can, and should, be prized, it’s the human element that matters the most. A good web developer will understand how to communicate with clients and how to leverage relationships into working partnerships. A good developer will design a single web page while a great developer will create a long-term working relationships.

Realistic Business Design Sense

It’s also important that a modern web developer understands how to put together a web page in a manner that’s going to satisfy both the customer and the algorithms that rank web pages. It’s not enough to be able to make a site functional, it’s got to work how the customer needs it to work. This means learning how to design different types of applications, having a good eye for layout, and a real willingness to delve into a client’s field to learn more about what is expected.

Final Thoughts

Great developers don’t just make web pages and applications, they create a sustainable business. Learning to work with clients is every bit as important as keeping up with coding languages. When one can balance customer service with technical ability, success is just a matter of time.

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