I’ve been a total DIY’er when it comes to websites. Now that means I always got by with a decent site—but they always lacked that final touch. (I equate to the outline stitching in a cross stitch project… the basic project looks good but that final outline stitch gives it depth and contrast and makes the entire project look professional)

My sites lacked that…UNTIL NOW!

Why? I came across MP’s McMinnville child theme and fell in love with it… and took action! I decided to take my main namesake site (which I wasn’t planning on redoing at this time) and “Monterey Premier” it! I had no idea what to expect when buying a child theme, and was a bit nervous, but the how to instructions and video made it super easy to do!

Any questions I had were answered quickly and were full of encouragement and great advice. It’s great to know Jerry and the team at MP have my back and welcome questions! With this child theme in hand my site was not only simple to create, it automatically had all those “final touches” that I have been unable to create myself… including a powerful and pretty menu/submenu and other cool features.

I’d recommend Monterey Premier for their gorgeous, easy to use, child themes, their customer support and their blog where they share lots of techniques and tips to make your DIVI site even more beautiful. If I had the need, I would not hesitate to hire MP to create a site for me from scratch…

Marianne Strait

Life Coach, MarianneStrait.com

This theme (McMinnville) has exceptionally well commented CSS which makes it very easy to customize. Great documentation, too. Everything you would expect from Geno Quiroz!

Annemarie Nordman

Owner, Rainmaker Digital Marketing

Got one of their superb looking themes today, a little hiccup at first, but once the team is in to help me out, things were just perfect! Many thanks to Geno and his team, excellent themes, super duper excellent support! Highly, highly, highly recommended!

Leong Kuan Yew

Just had to give a major shoutout to this child theme (Avalon). A couple weeks ago I was looking over my website and knew I needed to kick it up a notch. Strapped for time, I finally decided to give a child theme a chance, as I’d never used one before.

Holy ish, yo! I’m never looking back! Child themes are the way to go, folks.

This child theme was the perfect starting point for me to Katrinafy and quickly turn into something I absolutely love. If you want to see how it turned out, go on and check it out: https://katrinahubbard.com

I’ve received compliments such as “I’ve never seen anything like it”, “I love how it’s fun, yet still professional”. My website would look nothing like it if I hadn’t started with this child theme.

Thanks again!

Katrina Hubbard

Owner, KatrinaHubbard.com

I recently purchased a Child Theme and absolutely LOVE it. The installation documentation was very detailed and easy to follow. I had it up and running in no time at all and it has saved me a tremendous amount of time! I especially appreciate how much I have learned by studying how you built the theme design. I am getting a crash course in how you have used Divi to make some great layouts. The follow up customer service has been first class! Thanks for a great product and I can’t wait to try some of your other themes and services.

Lori Grubb

Divi is a fantastic theme and I love working with it, but after building dozens of sites on it, I was looking for something with a bit more visual and functional distinction. Geno Quiroz’s ‘Big Sur’ child theme hit all the right notes. It was easy to work with and customize, intuitive to maintain and edit, and, perhaps most importantly, provided me with the tools to build a truly stunning website.

Adam BInder

Founder/Creator/Owner, Creative Click Media

I stumbled upon Monterey Premier by accident and looked through their themes and was very impressed with the use of the Divi theme in an imaginative and innovative way. So, like in the review below me by Lori, I decided to purchase one of the child themes. Exactly like her, I also wanted to see how some of the designs were constructed because although I have been using Divi on my sites for over a year, I felt that I wasn’t using it anywhere near its brilliant capacity.

The Monterey theme I purchased is a delight and opened my eyes to what is possible ! I struggled with a couple of minor things with the installation but the immediate backup and advice from Jerry was the best I have ever struck. Fantastic !! Don’t go past Monterey for great Divi designs and the best service out there ! I will be checking Monterey out regularly for more designs ! Thanks !!!

Jonathan Graham

Senior Online Communications Advisor, Earthquake Commission

I own two Premium Divi Child Themes from Monterey Premier. In both cases I was able to take the clients’ basic information, located germane images, and had a functioning site to show them during my pitch for their business. Clients were impressed and I received both bids. The child themes I purchased were Big Sur and McMinnville. Of note is the ease of implementation of the Monterey Premier premium child themes; as they come with step-by-step installation instructions and libraries usable on new sites. I have had a few questions that were answered same day by Geno Quiroz who in my opinion is tuned in to today’s WordPress Website designer needs and wants.

Steve Finnerty

Owner, TriCity Graphic Design

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