Make a Splash


A Premium Child Theme for Divi

Make a Splash is a perfect website for businesses, agencies, designers, artists, interior decorators, painters and local service providers. With its stunning Angled Edges, Extended Fly-In Animations, Custom Archive page headers, refreshing color palettes, and other built in custom features, you will give your business (or your clients) a professional and modern online presence.

This theme includes custom designed page layouts for every page you see on this demo site (images included). Make a Splash features a brand new feature called “Simple Color Reset” which you can use to quickly change your 2 primary colors used throughout the site. This feature makes it easier than ever to quickly change the colors throughout the entire site to match your business or your client’s business.

Make a Splash is the easiest Child Theme to install, customize and re-use over and over again. This is what you have been waiting for!

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Front End Features:

  • Unique Page Builder Header Sections for Category, Archive, Single and Search Pages
    • One of the most common feature requests is to have more customization options for the Category, Archive and Search Results pages. We have enabled the use of a Divi Builder Header Section that can be applied to each of these different page types. And you can edit it in the Divi Library template. Now you can give ALL your pages the same look and feel.
  • Overlapping Logo
    • One of the most requested Divi tweaks and one of my most popular Divi Tutorials is now a child theme feature. The Logo overlaps the top header and creeps into the first section of each page. Perfect for logos that are a little less horizontal and little more vertical.
  • Implemented Font Awesome Icons
    • We are now able to import and add the font awesome icons automatically for you. No extra steps during the installation process.
  • Clickable Telephone Number and Address in the top header
    • Using the native menu settings, now you can learn how to make your link call from a mobile just by clicking on it.
  • New Diagonal Edge effects and techniques
    • First featured in my free Divi Layout by the name of Sarah Jade, we have implemented it here but with a new twist. With our Simple Color Reset features, you can update all the background colors of these sections with one click in the WP Customizer.
  • Cool Menu Hover Underline Effects
    • These are just cool. And you can also change the colors in the Theme Customizer
  • App Style Mobile Menu Button
    • We have enabled a mobile menu “button” to replace the old hamburger icon making it much cleaner and easier for the users to find.
  • Fixed Mobile Menu Bar
    • Thanks to our friend Fabio Sarcona and his great tutorials, you can now have a fixed bottom bar in mobile devices enhancing the mobile experience.
  • Extended Animation Fly-ins
    • We have added extended fly in animations to a number of modules used throughout the site. And we have added the script that allows them to fly in again when scrolling back up the page as well.
  • Custom Person Modules
    • Just a little something extra from yours truly 😉


Back End Features:

  • Customizer One Click Global Primary Color Reset/Change
    • Now you can select your two primary colors and change each instance throughout the entire site. Once it has been reset, you can still go in and make unique color changes to any element you want through our Custom Built Extended “Splash” Customizer Options
  • Extended “Splash” Customizer Settings
    • Easily change the customization that we have added. You can change colors, padding, thickness etc. for items that you previously required custom CSS snippets to change.
  • Login Screen Customizer
    • You can easily customize your login screen background, logo, colors, fonts and more. And it easily accessible in the standard Theme Customizer panel.
  • On-Click Demo Install (By Epic Web Solutions & Monterey Premier)
    • Now you can import and activate all the demo content and recommended plugins with just a few clicks making it easier than ever to be up and running in a matter of minutes. No more unzipping download packages and mucking through the instructions, adding plugins and importing files. Its all done with one-click.
  • Migrate Divi Theme Settings (By Gritty Social)
    • Backup and restore Divi Theme settings and customizer options with one click. Move theme settings from one site to another easily. Create multiple theme options setups and bundle the data files into your child themes.
  • Page Builder Footer (By Gritty Social)
    • Editing the footer of your theme as easy as building a standard page builder section. Placing things like opt-in forms, cookie notices or contact forms in the footer is now super easy.


Additional Features

  • Demo Images Included
  • Unlimited Use
    • You can use this child theme over and over on as many sites as you want. You only pay once. And as will all our Premium Child Themes, we offer Premium Support.


The Download Package

The Download Package is now the actual child theme and you no longer need to unzip the package when you receive it. You can simply install the downloaded zip file right to your WordPress installation like you would any other theme. For installation instructions click here.

This Child Theme Requires:

*Requires a Hosted WordPress site and the Divi theme.

Installation Video

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