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Elevate is a perfect child theme for any business seeking to showcase their portfolio and services. With its custom menu, split sections, micro-animations, refreshing color palettes, and other built in custom features, you will give your business (or your clients) a professional and modern online presence.

This theme includes custom designed page layouts for every page you see on this demo site (images included). Elevate features a brand new feature called “Simple Color Settings” which you can use to quickly change 3 primary colors and 2 Accent Colors used throughout the site. This feature makes it easier than ever to instantly change the colors throughout the entire site to match your business or your client’s business.

Elevate is one of the easiest Child Themes to install, customize and reuse over and over again. This is what you have been waiting for!

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Sold By: Andrea Walker & Monterey Premier


Front End Features:

  • Includes 20 Templates
    • Elevate includes 20 page, section and module templates that you can use anywhere throughout your website.
  • Several Custom Project Layouts For Your Portfolio
    • We have created several different custom layouts for your “Portfolio” using the standard Divi “Project” post type. Each “Portfolio” page contains it’s own special features to help you highlight your projects and show off your previous work.
  • Custom Project Layout For Events
    • We have also created a custom layout for your special “Events” using Divi’s “Project” post type. The “Event” page layout includes a contact form to help you gather registrations specific to each particular event.
  • Custom Project Layout For Services
    • We have created another custom layout for the “Project” post type designed to showcase the services you offer.
  • Footer Layout
    • Now you can use the Divi Builder to change background images, add modules and easily edit the text in your footer. Before you had to add this section to the bottom of each page you made. Even still it would not show up on single post pages, archive pages and search results pages. Now it shows up on every page and you only have to make the changes in one place.
  • Footer Contact Form Reveal On Scroll
    • One of the most common custom footer requests is to have it fixed and revealed as the user scrolls down to the bottom of the page. We have built this feature into the custom footer which you will now find in the Divi Library
  • Header Menus With Font Awesome Icons
    • We have integrated Font Awesome Icons into our header menu which you can easily swap out with any icons found in the Font Awesome library.These are just cool. And you can also change the colors in the Theme Customizer
  • Fixed Mobile Menu Bar
    • Shout out to to Fabio Sarcona for his great tutorial on the bottom fixed bar. But we added a new twist… now you no longer have to add it to each page. We have injected it into the footer.php so that it will show up on every page when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Several Custom Hover & Fly-in Animations
    • We have added several custom hover and fly-in animations to a number of modules used throughout the site. And we have added the script that allows them to fly in again when scrolling back up the page as well.

Back End Features:

  • Customizer Simple Color Settings
    • Now you can select your two primary colors and change each instance throughout the entire site. Once it has been reset, you can still go in and make unique color changes to any element you want through our Custom Built Extended “Elevate” Customizer Options
  • Extended “Elevate” Customizer Settings
    • Easily change the customization that we have added. You can change colors, padding, thickness etc. for items that you previously required custom CSS snippets to change.
  • Jerry’s Easy Demo Import (J.E.D.I.) 
    • Now you can import and activate all the demo content with just a few clicks making it easier than ever to be up and running in a matter of minutes. No more unzipping download packages and mucking through the instructions, adding plugins and importing files. It’s all done with one-click.

Additional Features

  • Demo Images Included
    • All photos courtesy of the generous authors on & via the Pexels License (Creative Commons Zero) and the Unsplash License (Creative Commons Zero).
  • Unlimited Use
    • You can use this child theme over and over on as many sites as you want. You only pay once. And as will all our Premium Child Themes, we offer Premium Support.

The Download Package

The Download Package is now the actual child theme and you no longer need to unzip the package when you receive it. You can simply install the downloaded zip file right to your WordPress installation like you would any other theme. For installation instructions click here.

This Child Theme Requires:

*Requires a Hosted WordPress site and the Divi theme.


The Download Package is now the actual child theme and you no longer need to unzip the package when you receive it. You can simply install the downloaded zip file right to your WordPress installation like you would any other theme.

For detailed installation & customization instructions click here.


Can I use this child theme on multiple website projects?
Yes, all our child theme may be used as many times as you want. You only have to pay once.

Simple Color Settings

Our Simple Color Settings can help you get up and running FAST! Use these settings to update all of the theme customizer settings at once!


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