Now you may be wondering if “Lazy Mama” actually does any exercise at all, but let me tell ya, she does…..when she hurts enough, she starts doing those stretching exercises like crazy!

The other day I was searching my favorite site….YouTube….for a good physical therapy style yoga session. I wanted to stretch out my hips and my lower back without having to think about it. I wanted someone professional to guide me through it. But I kept coming across all these seriously Hindu videos, talking about breathing and such. That was making me cranky.

Ain’t nobody got time to be breathing! Give me some stretches so I can use my legs!!!

Look, I’m not anti-yoga. I’ve done it before. See here:

Pregnancy yoga was extremely helpful for me.

I’m not anti-breathing, totally, but c’mon! Unable to find a non-religious yoga-stretching video, I stumbled upon a new gal that spoke my language:

Ask Doctor Jo!!!

Doctor Jo is a doctor of physical therapy, and she has a website and YouTube channel CHOCK FULL of helpful therapeutic stretches and  strengthening exercises for all your problem areas. You gotta check it out.

I wanted stretches that I could do that would loosen me up and help me to hurt less, stretches that work for both arthritis and bulging discs, because I have both. (Oh, the joys..)

What I loved about the Ask Doctor Jo videos



#1. No nonsense. No time wasting.

In each video, she dives right in to explaining what the exercise is, how it helps you, and then she demonstrates.



#2. Pause.

I like to do the stretches with the video person, so I hit pause after each explanation so I would have time to complete each round of exercise or stretching.

#3. She’s a physical therapist, so she knows what she’s talking about. And she’s right here in my living room.

I’ve been to physical therapy so many times, and they’ve taught me bagoodles of exercises, and they ARE helpful. However, I’m too lazy to do them at home without someone guiding me through them. Enter Doctor Jo. Now I have a physical therapist right here in my living room.



#4. Sometimes, she does anatomy lessons too!!

Doctors of PT have way more Anatomy training than your average health care professional because they focus in on how the body works and moves. They spend their time learning those ligaments, tendons, and muscles, etc. etc. in detail. I used to just point to a part of me that hurt and ask my old PT, Ryan, “What’s this? What’s this? Well, what’s this?”

And he always knew the Latin name to every single bit of muscle or whatever I was pointing to. This helped us figure out that I had the IT Band Syndrome, among my many problems.

So what are you waiting for? If you have pain issues, go see what Doctor Jo has to say.


And take a few minutes to tell her thank you and notice her silly socks. One pair has Batman. 


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April Alan is a happy mom of four boys, and she also writes at When she isn't blogging, she's usually doing exotic things like cooking, picking up kids, and coloring Mickey Mouse with her toddler.

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