How to Promote Your New Product via Digital Marketing

We are known as the Millennials, the children of the digital age. We have grown up into a technologically advanced, upgraded age known as the digital era. Now, as we enter the new realm of finance, economics, and marketing. There has a significant shift of change in how things were used to be done.

Technology has penetrated almost all aspects of our lives. From our day to day tasks to our professional as well as personal lifestyle, we have increasingly become dependent on technology. And as much as people may argue, technology has made our lives easier and efficient.

For instance, if we talk about launching a new product in the market and working towards promoting it, then technology has advanced these procedures and made them significantly easier. According to recent statistical publications, there are a whopping 4 billion internet users in the world as of now. These figures clearly suggest how fruitful digital marketing can be. Now your product placement, promotion, and launch are all just one click away thanks to the internet and all the platforms available to stage your business.

Nonetheless, it is no easy job to promote your new product online and might require a tad bit of understanding of how the digital realm works in this regard. Digital marketing is now a dedicated study that allows you a better understanding of tactics and strategies in order to promote your product.

Top 10 ways for effective product promotion through digital marketing

Therefore, here are ten effective ways for product promotion through digital marketing.

1.     Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how you get quality traffic to your website organically. It means you don’t even have to pay for it but just utilize certain tactics as approved by search engines like Google and Bing. Mainly, SEO updates and changes stem from any upgrade that Google acquires. Being the number one search engine in the world, Google dictates many of the terms as to how SEO works. For example, there was a time when short, specific keywords used to make the content rate higher on the SERP. But since Google Assistance was launched and people began voice search entrails, it led to more conversational search queries, which was completely different from what website owners were used to and working for.

2.     Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vast domain in itself. It focuses on creating and sharing content towards a specified target audience that covers your client base. It aims to distribute consistently valuable, relevant content to derive a potentially profitable customer action ultimately. Customer action is the conversion of sales that, if it happens always, then it will be highly profitable for the business. The actual aim of digital marketing is to promote the product so much that it drives sales. Content marketing might be fulfilling the same traditional objectives of marketing. However, the value and relevancy of the content to be targeted towards a specified audience is what makes it the new way of marketing for new-age customers.

3.     Facebook and Google Ads

Facebook has a monthly user estimation of 2.23 billion making it one of the biggest social media platforms to this day. Any business or product marketer would be very naïve not to use Facebook ads to its advantage. With such a staggering number of audiences at your play, you as a marketer shouldn’t ignore the extreme value that Facebook or even Google ads for that matter can provide. The user interaction with the product promotion can not only be calculated through the easy to access analytics, but it can even be strategized to fulfill its purpose. For example, you are a clothing store that sells Marvel character costumes. If you publish a product promotion campaign for your Wolverine Jacket across Facebook with theme music and quality content engaging the viewers, you will see your sales surge up in no time.

4.     Instagram for Marketing

Fairly new to the marketing game compared to Facebook and Google that are the pro platforms now, Instagram is making waves for bringing forth even newer marketing techniques as compared to Facebook. Now you can post aesthetic “Instagrammable” pictures of your product, and based on the interaction that your profile, page, and product garner decide if your marketing strategy is working or not. Instagram is definitely one platform to look out for. With a growing number of users, soon it will take over Facebook for being the number one platform for product marketing as it even allows easy interaction with the owner to the customer through direct messaging.

5.     Email Marketing

The traditional and well-anticipated marketing tactic, email marketing hasn’t overstayed its welcome and will surely continue to provide value to us marketers. In the ever-changing digital marketing domain where there is a constant struggle for marketers to change their marketing policies according to the current trend and customer demand, email marketing is the tried and tested way. Just a catchy call of action subject line and content that hits the right notes for the customer and makes your product shine through, there is hardly any way a marketer can go wrong with email marketing.

6.     Website optimization

We see so many websites throughout the day. Seldom do we realize that most of the content that takes up the whole site design is actually just random advertisements being generated based on our searches and cookies. That is precisely what website optimization does. A win-win situation for both the website owner and the product marketer, website optimization is a valuable aspect of digital marketing. As placing ads on the websites generate revenue for the site as well as gets significant clicks and views depending on how popular the website is, many product marketers buy their way in to get the considerable spot a website design to gain the audience’s attention.

7.     Mobile and Smartphone Apps

From food delivery to medicines, from booking spa dates to dinner dates and bank transactions to travel bookings, there is an app for everything. Just as optimization for smartphones and mobile is necessary for a website, having a mobile app is essential too. Not only is it great for product promotion but for maintaining the relationship with the client to increase customer loyalty. An app even helps in generating user analytics through which you can easily entertain the strategy that seems to be working and take back resources from what is going in vain.

8.     Influencer Marketing

With the increasing popularity of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, influencer marketing is steadily but surely becoming a whole new marketing domain for product promotion. It gives you a variety of options to play with. For instance, depending upon how popular your influencer of choice is on the designated platform, you can decide to send them free samples of your product for organic marketing, which they can use and review and post about it. On the flip side, you can sponsor the product to them and pay them to give an honest review, feedback, and opinion. What this does is give them a chance to interact with their audience by advertising your product.

9.     Marketing through Video Content

YouTube and YouTubers are now the modern-day equivalents of celebrity endorsements. Just as YouTube has replaced TV, YouTube influencers or YouTubers as they are popularly known, have replaced traditional celebrity or public figure endorsing a brand or product for the money. However, what makes video content marketing better is the interaction that you can have with your customers, get access to important data and informational analytics as well as go for a complete organic marketing approach where you don’t pay the influencer. Instead, send them a PR package and request them for an honest review or feedback.  

10.  Hiring a digital marketing agency

Last but not least, if all of the tactics mentioned above somehow don’t work out for you, you can outsource your product promotion and hire a marketing agency to perform the same above mentioned tactics for you professionally and reliably with guaranteed results. It is a great way to get better sales to pitch out of your business if you are just starting and learn from how they work around your product. After solidifying your place with your clients, you can take back the authority and conduct your own product promotional marketing for years to come.


All in all, digital marketing is a vast area of expertise. But learning certain basic tactics can easily up your game in this regard as compared to your potential competitors. Businesses should never undermine the power that the internet has. Just like the shelf life of a product, every product now also has a social media life, and every marketer’s job is basically to keep providing sustenance to it.


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