The Divi Marketplace

Get a head start on your next WordPress project.

Save time and money with custom Divi add-ons.

Divi has become the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world so we created the Divi Marketplace with over 240+ Divi add-ons sold by developers and designers from all over the world.

A Premium Divi Child Theme is like a Divi Layout Kit on steroids. Instead of keeping all the customization within the various modules, sections, and page layouts, the customization is kept within the Customizer settings and the child theme files. This means more functionality and customization that does not come standard with the Divi Theme.

A Premium Child Theme is usually built for people who build websites for a living. They have a basic understanding of how WordPress (and Divi) works and are not afraid to dig into a little code to further customize the website for their clients specific needs. They are also willing to make the investment knowing that their ROI will be covered on their first client build and the more they use it for client work, the more their ROI will increase.

The Benefits of Using Divi Child Themes

“Having several Premium Divi Child Themes in my toolbox is like a Construction worker having more tools in his work belt. When I need too, I can get the job done faster, smarter and in less time. I no longer have to turn down clients with a small budget.” – Geno Quiroz

The Marketplace

In addition to building and selling our very own Premium Collection of Divi Child Themes and Divi Plugins, we have also opened up our marketplace to multiple vendors and developers from all over the world.

All Divi Child Themes

Browse our collection of over 200+ Divi Child Themes by Divi Developers from all over the world

The Monterey Premier Collection

Browse our very own collection of Divi Child Themes and Plugins. When you purchase one of our very own products, you can be assured you will get the best in Divi Expert products and customer support

All Divi Plugins

Browse our collection of Divi Plugins by Divi Developers from all over the world

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