How to Cure Brain Fog

You’re staring at your computer screen, staring out into space, checking your phone, scratching your head, doing everything there is to do except focus on work. You’re a little fuzzy and you have a hard-time concentrating. You feel confused and irritable. Could it be…a brain fog? A lot of us under stress tend to run into brain fog more often than we think. Except we don’t realize it’s a brain fog and just say we’re “tired” or “having a hard time concentrating.”

When you’re in this state of fog and your notice it happening more often, there are ways to help it and maybe even cure it for the long-term. Read on to see what the causes could be and how you can help it.

Change Your Diet

Yes, diet is usually the no. 1 thing to change when your health is feeling a little off. We tend to underestimate just how important our diet is to our health, and then wonder why we aren’t feeling right after eating loads of sugar and foods high in fat.  Take a look at a few things before that you may need to limit, add, or cut from your diet to help the brain fog.

  • Sugar
    • The root of all evil usually goes back to sugar! We love cookies and donuts just as much as you do, but you can’t imagine how too much sugar can be a trigger to several health-related issues. Try cutting back or eliminating sugar from your diet completely.
  • Low-Fat Diet
    • Did you know, not have enough fat in your diet can cause issues. Not really fats such as bacon, but healthy fats, such as in almonds and avocados.Try adding more healthy fats into your diet and see how much better you feel.
  • Food Allergies
    • You could very well have a food allergy that is causing you to feel a bit off. Take note of what you ate on the days of your brain fog. Eventually you will figure out the culprit.
  • Drink More Water
    • Since we know that sugar is the root of all evil, water is the the cure for all! Are you drinking enough water? Drink at least 8 glasses per day and watch the brain fog clear up!
  • Cut Back Caffeine
    • Don’t hate me for this one. I’m your typical caffeine addict. I need at least three cups of coffee each day. However, it’s not the caffeine that will cause your fuzziness, it’s when you crash from it! The downward caffeine crash can be brutal, so try and limit your amount to avoid this crash.

Better Nutrition

There are certain vitamins you may be deficient in. It’s important to make sure you take proper vitamins to avoid the chance on being low in any of the follow:

  • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamins B12 will help give you energy. You can take this is a pill form if you find you are deficient in it.
  • Vitamin D
    • The famous “sun” vitamin. Why not spend sometime out in the sunshine to help get you the natural vitamin D that your body loved.
  • Brain Supplements
    • Your physician will be able to recommend any supplements that help brain function, such as fish oil.
  • Take Multivitamins
    • The common “go-to” is always to take a multivitamin. Just one per day to provide all of the necessary vitamins you need to promote a healthy body.

Sleeping Habits

Are you getting enough sleep? Your sleeping habits are also one of the most important things to take into consideration when you’re feeling a brain fog. Make sure you’re getting a full 6-8 hours of sleep each night. If you find that you’re having trouble sleeping every night, consult with your doctor about any underlying sleep issues.


Oh, stress. We all have it and we all handle it differently. There are many ways to help reduce your stress level. However, not acting on it at all can cause health issues, such as your brain fog.

  • Try Exercise
    • Exercise is the most common cure of stress relief. You release tension and it will just make you feel better overall.
  • Yoga
    • Yoga is a great way to clear your mind and focus on find your inner peace. Practicing yoga a couple times a week is very benefitting to lowering your level of stress.
  • Do more of a hobby
    • Do you love painting? Cooking? Horseback riding? You can’t possible work all the time, so getting out and doing something you love will help lower your stress level and add some variety to your day.
  • Go outside
    • Plain and simple – fresh air does a body good!

Quick Exercises During Lunch Break

Other health conditions

If you think you may have some other health issues causing your brain fog, be sure to check with your doctor and have a blood test done. Better to be safe than sorry!


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