How You Can Maximize Your Time Daily

People’s’ lives are so saturated with work, school, exercise, social engagements, chores…that sometimes it can feel like there is no quality time to really do anything. We’ve all caught ourselves saying, “Well, if I had more time I could do that.”. Whatever “that” may be, here are a few tricks to help you maximize your time.

Evaluate How Your Time is Being Spent

This trick is actually quite easy to do. Take a few moments throughout your day and essentially keep a food journal of your time. As your day goes on, write down what you were doing and how long it took you to do it. Seeing how you’re spending your time is how you create the foundation for seeing where the waste is occurring.

Once you can pin point where some of your time is lost, it’s easier to come up with a strategy to reevaluate how you are spending that time. If you have to shop for online glasses, have a plan in place of which specific pair to look for and what store to buy from. This limits the amount of time wasted looking for the correct product.

Use Time-Saving Strategies and Applications

There is something to be said for organizing a busy life. That organization need not be a burden in and of itself. Here are a few strategies to implement in order to maximize your time:

Get Off Social Media

Social Media eats up a lot of time. From checking Facebook posts to getting news information on Twitter, you can lose a lot of time to get things done. Turn your phone off until your top priorities are finished, have a contest at work where you and your co-workers put their phones in a bowl and the first to touch their phone buys lunch for everyone that day.

If social media is essential for your job, set a time limit on how much you will spend on it. The goal is to maximize your time to get things done, and so you have to be careful with social media use.

Get In and Get Out

Appointments, meetings and other get togethers eat up a lot of unnecessary time with small talk at the beginning, attendees showing up late, and no agenda for the meetings. You can cut 10-15 minutes off a meeting by getting to the point, having the agenda ready to go and setting hard start and stop times. Remember, maximize your time and be productive.

Final Thought

By prioritizing your day, setting a schedule, having a hard start and stop times for meetings, and limiting social media interaction, you can make the most of your time. You will be more efficient and accomplish more than you initially thought you could. Implement these strategies and see if you are able to get more out of your day.

Do you have any time saving tips to share?

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