7 Instagram Content Tips Your Business Can’t Live Without

Instagram has been growing at an overwhelming pace. This social network currently hosts over 500 million active monthly users and counting. Around 95 million pictures/videos are shared every day, and over 40 billion posts have been shared till date.

Instagram has also emerged as a profitable and influential platform for marketers. Not only marketers find it remarkably reasonable, but also find Instagram marketing extremely effective and there are over 500,000 marketers currently utilizing Instagram.

Instagram is an extremely effective means to approach public as it provides access to larger and diverse audiences. As a result, Instagram is being integrated into the mainstream digital marketing strategies all over the world.

You can utilize this social networking platform to market your business, increase brand awareness, stimulate engagement, drive sales and maximize ROI.

Using Instagram for the promotion of any business includes much more than simple uploading and captioning of posts. The key to approaching and influencing audiences is the link and the relationship that you’ll need to establish. This can be achieved by engaging and interacting with your audience via inspiring and influential content.

Below are 7 Instagram content tips to aid your business.

Introduce Your Followers to The Company

Letting your followers know more about your business/brand is an extremely important step towards nurturing relationships with customers and establishing brand loyalty. With effective two-way communication, this can lead to better CRM (Customer Relationship management).

In order to make your followers more aware of the history and culture of your brand, you can post facts regarding your business. You may showcase the foundation of the business. You may also introduce your team via your Instagram posts.

Another great way to increase brand awareness and seek your followers’ attention is to post short trivia regarding your business. You can hold quizzes and reward the winners.

Be consistent with your Posts

It is extremely necessary to ensure consistency with your posts as the number of posts and the rate of engagement are directly related.

In order to keep your audience engaged and interested, you must come up new posts every once in awhile. Posting consistently will establish a link with the consumers as you can seek their attention.

It is also important to identify and post on the times when your followers are the most active.

If you’re unable to spare a few minutes, you can utilize third-party Instagram marketing tools to schedule your posts and they’ll get uploaded on your specified times.

Be Original and Inspiring

The quality and originality of your content are extremely influential. In order to leave an impression on your target customers, you must post original and authentic content only. It is also important to ensure that your content is High-Definition only as it exhibits professionalism and leaves a positive impact on consumers

Also, you can utilize inspiring and motivating content to establish a relationship with your customers. You can post some non-controversial things related to any social cause or national issue. You may also post inspirational and positive quotations.

Promote your Initial Posts Artificially

Artificial promotion is all the rage these days. Being a startup, you can acquire artificial promotion for your posts and page. This will make your posts and page look credible. It will also make your page look more professional and decorated, adding to the credibility of your business. Numerous third-party Instagram marketing tools provide Instagram likes, followers, and views at affordable rates. Tools such as Vibbi can be employed to artificially promote your posts. Vibbi also ensures instant delivery and 24-hour support in case of any complaint or query.

Content with engagement around it receives greater attention than content with no engagement.

Trigger UGC

User generated content is an extremely effective and practical method to stimulate engagement using content on Instagram. User generated content basically refers to the promotional content produced by your followers, for the promotion of your brand. You can initiate a campaign and encourage consumers to contribute their content through effective CTAs. As consumers will upload their contributions, you can increase your brand awareness. Once your UGC campaign is in full-swing, you can choose and feature a limited number of entries on your official brand page and reward the producers with hampers or credits, as done in most cases.

User generated content triggers a healthy level of engagement and interaction, encouraging brand loyalty.

Utilizing UGC will enable you to promote and popularize your business solely using content from your users.

Conduct Giveaways

Conducting giveaways is another efficient method to utilize Instagram content to aid your business. You can target wider audiences through giveaways and contests as users are interested in them, regardless of their interests.

You can upload posts including CTAs, encouraging your followers to tag their friends and share the posts. You can use visual content such as tricky illusions and stuff. You may also give away sneak peeks before announcing the contests, to make the most out of your followers.

Leverage Analytics

Collecting, recording, analyzing and evaluating data/statistics regarding your posts and your followers is extremely important and useful. In order to understand your consumers’ behavior and preferences, you must leverage statistics and insights.

Insights and actionable information regarding your posts and followers can be obtained from Instagram itself. Instagram recently launched Instagram Business Tools and Instagram Insights is a part of that suite of tools.

Instagram Insights provide information about your followers, their preferences, and behavior. You can also get actionable information regarding your posts and engagement around them.

The insights include impressions, reach, Website clicks, follower activity, video views and saves, replies, and exits.

You can leverage this information to understand your followers in a better way. This will enable you to create more relevant and interesting content for your followers.

Final Thoughts

Considering the effectiveness of marketing on Instagram, it is high time to invest in Instagram marketing and employ a decent marketing strategy to boost the growth of your business. The above-mentioned tips and techniques are bound to aid your Instagram marketing, which will lead to increased brand awareness and engagement around your business, resulting in soaring revenue and strong brand identity.

Do you have any success stories or tips to share? If so, please leave them in the comments below.

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