Do What You Love and Still Pay the Bills.

We have all been there before. Either we’ve been there or we know someone who has. You know, those people that wake up every morning and complain about their job. The ones that feel so unfulfilled with what they are doing with their lives and that they aren’t really doing what they love.

Do you consider yourself one of those people? If so, it’s time to make some real changes and start doing what you love – and get paid to do it! It may seem like an impossible concept for some, however, it is possible. Read on to find out how you can do what you love for a living and still pay your bills.

Find your passion

First and foremost, what do you love to do? Your starting point has to be finding your passion. Do you love singing? Painting? Writing? Building wood furniture? It doesn’t matter what it is, if you love doing it, you can make money from it. The step is finding out how to market yourself and your work. If you’re painter, try selling your work in flea markets or galleries. You can even create a website to market your work.

Choose a full-time job you love

If you aren’t working for a company doing something you love, you better find a place where you can! If you love writing, try getting a full-time job as newspaper reporter or magazine journalist. You can always find a full-time position doing something that you’re passionate about – and it’s nice to have a steady paycheck to go along with that.

Start something on the side

Let’s say you have a full-time job doing something that maybe you’re not as passionate about, but you have a family and bills and you just can’t quit! Well, start something on the side! You can always have a side gig that you can build up to hopefully someday leave your full-time job for.

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Budget your money

If you choose to work on your passion full-time, it’s probably a good idea to budget your money in the beginning, as you may not be getting a steady income during the start. It’s better to invest your money in your business with intentions to eventually get it back, and maybe even more!

Build it for the long-term

The whole idea of making money and doing what you love should be something you want to build for long-term. This means, always finding ways to grow and constant change and progress. Maybe you’ll start in your home, then expand to an office and hire some employees. Always keep your wheels turning!

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Do you do what you love for a living? Tell us how your stay afloat in the comments below!

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A Florida native filled with charm, a sense of humor, style, and a passion for writing, Dana Damato is a talented journalist covering all things entertainment, fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. Dana first realized her dreams of becoming a writer at age ten and wrote her first book at the age of 12. With a growing passion for writing, Dana knew from then on that being a writer is what she needed to do as a career.

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